2019-2023 GM 3.0L Duramax Heavy-Duty Deep Cast Aluminum Engine Oil Pan

2019-2023 GM 3.0L Duramax Heavy-Duty Deep Cast Aluminum Engine Oil Pan

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This new deep pan is constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy and holds an additional two quarts of oil. More fluid increases thermal stamina which helps promote longer service life. We’ve added machined grooves to the outer surface of the pan to increase the effective surface area and maximize thermal performance.

The factory drain plug port is located above the bottom of the pan and about half a quart of dirty oil remains which immediately contaminates your fresh oil with sludge and ferrous metal. PPE solves that filthy problem with a flat, angled bottom, and a drain plug port engineered below the bottom surface of the pan to ensure a complete drain.

A 1/8-inch NPT port is tapped and plugged into the side if you want to run an optional temperature sensor. We've also included a high-power Neodymium magnet equipped, billet, hardened stainless steel drain plug, This powerful plug pulls ferrous particles out of your oil before they damage your internals.

In our testing on the LM2, we observed an increase in oil capacity from 7 quarts with the OE GM oil pan and filter to 9 1/2 quarts with the PPE Heavy-Duty Deep Oil Pan and PPE Premium Oil Filter 114000650.

Recommendation Disclaimer: Replace with a new copper washer after each service.

Part # 114052002 14mm Copper Washer


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did PPE increase the oil capacity over the stock pan?
A: The PPE pan gains additional oil capacity by utilizing unused space under the engine while maintaining clearances. The PPE pan also has the same oil pickup relationship as the stock pan.

Q: Does the additional oil capacity of the PPE pan affect the dipstick oil level reading?
A: The increased volume of the PPE pan does not alter the oil level reading on the dipstick, thus retaining the stock reading.

Q: Why isn’t the drain plug facing down from the bottom of the pan?
A: The drain plug is in a location to protect and prevent catastrophic failure from events such as impacts from road debris or other objects. It is positioned for complete drainage during oil changes, unlike the stock pan which leaves about a 1/2 quart of contaminated oil, and sludge.

Q: Why not just overfill the engine with oil instead of installing a pan with more capacity?
A: Overfilling your vehicle with oil can cause aeration of the oil, which in turn can cause increased wear and engine damage.

Q: How much more oil does the PPE 3.0L Duramax Pan with the PPE oil filter hold?
A: The PPE pan & PPE oil filter (P/N 114000650) will hold approximately 2.5 quarts of oil over the stock pan. Always determine and verify the proper fill level by reading the dipstick.