2020-2023 GM 6.6L Duramax w/ 10L1000 Transmission - Heavy-Duty Cast Deep Transmission Pan


The Allison transmission has a reputation for performance and longevity. Now that it is available as the 10L1000, the reputation continues.

Get the best protection and performance out of your 10L1000 by upgrading to the PPE Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Deep Transmission pan. The deep PPE Pan Increases fluid capacity by a full gallon which lowers transmission fluid temperature and increases thermal stamina. The engineered design includes cast aluminum fins and heats sinks to improve heat dissipation. The external gussets provide extra support to the machined flange to increase overall robustness.
PPE includes a high-power Neodymium magnet-equipped billet 304 stainless steel drain plug with Viton O-ring seal and a 9/16’’ ORB Neodymium Magnetic Plug with Viton O-ring seals for the fluid level check port. These powerful magnets pull ferrous metals out of the fluid before they can do damage to the internals.