BAK Industries Revolver X4s Truck Bed Cover (2020-2023 6' 9" Bed 2500/3500)


  • Interlocking aluminum slats lined with heavy duty vinyl
  • Slats, clamps, and vinyl are all matte black for the ultimate sleek appearance
  • Slats are capped to protect your hands and ensure easy use of the tonneau cover
  • The X4S side seals are flattened for a more streamlined look
  • Rotational locking rail system secures the cover when closed
  • The cover can be opened and locked in place with included buckle straps to haul large items
  • Built-in bulkhead seal protects your cargo from rain, snow, and other elements
  • Does not block access to stake hole pockets
  • Five-year warranty

With its matte-black finish, ease of use, and impressive security, The BAK Revolver X4S is one of the most elite hard rolling tonneau covers available for your truck. The X4S truck bed cover is made of interlocking aluminum slats, which are covered with a heavy-duty vinyl tarp to produce a smooth appearance and protect your cargo from the elements. The tarp, slats, and clamps are all colored matte black, making it a perfect match for OEM bed accessories such as tailgate caps and bedrail caps.

When you need to load or unload cargo, simply pull the string latch and roll the cover toward your bulkhead for bed access. Secure the X4S with the included straps and buckles to safely haul large, tall items. When you close the cover, the automatic slam latch and rotational rail system will secure the BAK X4S in place and protect your gear from would-be thieves. Installation is simple using basic hand tools such as a wrench and socket.

Give your truck a clean, finished look and keep your cargo secure with the BAK Revolver X4S.


Part Number: BKI80133

  • 6'10" bed length
  • Matte black aluminum under body and clamps for a sleek, stylish appearance
  • Side rail seals with smooth flat design
  • Durable strap and buckles to secure the open cover while driving
  • Rear corner caps for a more modern appearance
  • Integrated bulkhead seal for superior sealing
  • Integrated safety slat caps for protection when rolling
  • Matte finished, industrial-grade vinyl that keeps water out
  • Automatic latch secures easily and releases from either side of the bed
  • 5-year warranty
  • California Residents:WARNING

The Revolver X4s is a bed cover engineered for real-world durability with a modern, stylish appearance. It has top-to-bottom, matte-black finishes to every aspect of the truck bed cover paired with one-of-a-kind details that set it above the rest. It a premium option that offers dependable bed protection when cover is closed, and complete bed access when opened. The Revolver X4s has a flush appearance and is backed by a 5-year warranty.