Banks iDash Standalone



Do things other gauges can't! Display 2-8 values including up to 80 OBDII Mode 01 values with over 300 parameters available. View accurate values your OEM dash gauges filter and Data your dash does not display. Includes patented OBDII Density (exclusive to Banks). Log up to 20 min/max values. Built-in Shift/RPM Light. Connect multiple iDash gauges.

US Patent # 7,593,808 B2 & # 7,254,477 B1
Universal CAN, Stand-Alone
Standard 52mm size


Key Features

  • Customizable gauge display
  • Read Boost Pressure, EGT and so much more
  • Avoid costly repairs by monitoring important sensors
  • Display 2-8 values
  • Read up to 80 OBDII Mode 01 values
  • Over 300 parameters available
  • View Data your dash does not display
  • Displays accurate values your OEM dash gauges filter
  • Includes patented OBDII Density (exclusive to Banks)
  • Log up to 20 min/max values
  • Built-in Shift & RPM Light
  • Connect multiple iDash gauges
  • Auto-Dimming Feature
  • Fits standard 52mm (2-1/16 inch) gauge mounts
  • Features vary by application


Banks iDash: SuperGauge and DataMonster open a portal into the vital inner workings of your vehicle.
See what is beyond the dashboard while it monitors, displays, and (with a DataMonster) records multiple vehicle parameters such as speed, EGT, AFR, RPM, and engine temp.
For a complete list of PIDs and BIDs the iDash can see on your vehicle, Click Here
iDash Screen Displaying Various Data Points


See information that your dashboard won't share and pick what you want to see, where you want to see it and how it’s displayed.
Whether you're towing and want to keep an eye on your Exhaust Gas Temperature or driving around town monitoring your Boost Pressure, populate the screen with English or Metric units and choose from 100's of pre-loaded gauges.
Fits Standard 2-1/16" (52mm) mounting diameter:
Common size for A-pillar mounts, Steering column mounts, Top Dash-mount, Windshield mount, etc...
Dual Pod with two iDash units installed


The iDash integrates with and acts as the hub for all your Banks electronics.
Raise the power level of your Derringer or Six-Gun, control downhill speed with your SpeedBrake, or adjust PedalMonster sensitivity all on-the-fly.
iDash Screen Displaying Various Data Points


With up to 8 parameters at a time on each of its 5 customizable screens, that's 40 parameters viewable at the touch of a button!
Connect up to 4 iDash SuperGauges to see even more parameters at once.
If you have an iDash: DataMonster, record that playback for review later.
iDash Screen Displaying Various Data Points


Thanks to its OBD-II connection, the iDash is connected directly to the vehicle’s ECM. This umbilical cord provides access to real-time engine data and powers the iDash all-in-one cable.
Not sure what all you could monitor on your engine?
Perhaps you have a pre-OBD-II vehicle, a boosted application, or any high-performance racer that you are tuning for peak efficiency and power, iDash is the ultimate tool.
Check out our writeup here.
iDash Screen Displaying Various Data Points


Use Banks 4Ch Analog, 4Ch Thermocouple, or 4 Ch Analog with Frequency modules to monitor anything your heart desires. From air density and pressure to voltage, temperature, and so much more
  • Plug and Play
  • High accuracy
  • Fast responding
  • Flexible configuration
  • Add over 40 additional sensors
  • View, datalog, set alerts with iDash
  • Easy firmware updates through iDash
Need more temp, pressure, or other sensors?
Look at our line expansion items specifically for the iDash
iDash Screen Displaying Various Data Points


The Banks iDash automatically calculates Ambient Air Density,* Boost Air Density, and Manifold Air Density using  all OBD-II sensor data or supplemental Banks Sensor Modules for accurate calculations.
This information provides you with the real stats you need to fully understand how much power your engine can make, and how efficient it is running.
No other gauge in the world can do that, in-fact it's a Banks exclusive.
U.S. Patent # 7,254,477 B1 and 7,593,808 B2

*With Banks AirMouse® sold separately.
iDash Screen Displaying Manifold Air Density


Don't just rely on the dummy lights in your dash board. With visual notifications, you will know right away that something is wrong and what it is.
iDash allows you to monitor system vitals more accurately and alerts you to a problem before it's too late; With visual notifications, you will know right away that something is wrong, and what it is.
  • High visibility
  • Choose any parameter
  • On-screen notifications
  • Choose any color combination
  • Set custom low and high alerts
  • Monitor any Min/Max value you set
  • Warns of any potentially harmful conditions
  • Smarter than the “dummy” lights on your dash
  • Constantly monitored whether on-screen or not
Two examples of warning lights on the iDash screen


Monitor vehicle functions so you’ll always know exactly what your engine is doing. Check emission system readiness or read and clear vehicle trouble codes with the touch of a button. Avoid costly trips to the dealership.
Min/Mix Values — What was the highest coolant temp or boost pressure you've ever reached on that last up hill trip?
Setting Min/Max values allows you to recall the highest and lowest reading for any parameter. Keep your eyes on the road and review later.
Scrolling through the diagnostic and emission menus on the iDash


Choose your color — Pick what you want to see, where you want to see it, and how it’s displayed.
Adjust the various gauge styles to match your vehicle’s dash, or create your own.
Stock photography showcasing the many unique views and layouts of an iDash Gauge