Black Diamond Outlaw 15W-40 is a 100% pure poly-α-olefin (PAO) Group IV synthetic oil that requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet the weight specifications. The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano Technology and CK-4 additive package provides unsurpassed levels of longevity and performance while keeping the oil cleaner longer and providing better mileage and horsepower.


  • Increased TBN
  • Zinc levels nearly 3 times that of CK-4 oils
  • Antimony levels over 400 ppm
  • Improved boundary layer protection
  • Widens operating temperature range
  • Improves fuel economy up to 3%
  • Improves horsepower up to 3%
  • Reduces friction
  • Extends oil change interval
  • Increases film strength
  • Improves oxidation stability
  • Improves aeration control
  • Reduces operating temperature
  • Reduces wear
  • Reduces shearing
  • Reduces deposit formation
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Anti-rust protection


Hot Shot’s Secret Black Diamond Outlaw Oil is the most complete diesel oil available. Not only is it 100% PAO synthetic, it also includes a robust Total Base Number (TBN) of 14, extreme-pressure additives (including zinc) and it is blended with our patented FR3 Nano Technology and additional CK-4 additive. This means Black Diamond Outlaw provides you with unmatched protection and performance compared to other oils on the market.

The harder you run your diesel, the more protection you need, and Black Diamond Outlaw offers just that. With nearly 3X the amount of zinc mandated by API for the CK-4 specification, wear protection will never be an issue. Your oil will stay cleaner longer, protect against deposit formation and shearing and will provide an increase in horsepower and fuel economy up to 3% each.

Black Diamond Outlaw is not intended for vehicles with diesel particulate filters (DPF), catalytic converters, EGR or other emission equipment as damage to these systems could occur because of their low tolerances to zinc.

At Hot Shot’s Secret®, we infuse our oils with FR3 Friction Reducer® due to its exceptional performance-enhancing properties. FR3 Friction Reducer® is specifically designed to reduce friction and minimize wear within an engine’s moving parts. Oils with this advanced friction-reducing technology provide superior lubrication, creating a protective barrier between metal surfaces and reducing metal-to-metal contact. This results in reduced friction, lower operating temperatures, and improved fuel efficiency. The infusion of FR3® also helps prevent premature engine failure by minimizing wear and tear on vital components, such as pistons, bearings, and camshafts.

By incorporating FR3® into our oils, we offer a superior product that extends the lifespan of engines and other oil-lubricated components, minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures peak performance and reliability. Hot Shot’s Secret® oils maintain their performance for longer periods, extending oil change intervals and reducing overall maintenance costs.


Black Diamond Outlaw 15W-40 is recommended for heavy-duty trucks, agriculture, construction and industrial equipment, drilling rigs, stationary engines, turbo charged and racing engines where increased protection and TBN are preferred.

Black Diamond Outlaw 15W-40 is not intended for vehicles with DPF, catalytic converters, EGR or other emission equipment as damage to these systems could occur.

Black Diamond Outlaw 15W-40 can be ran up to 3 times longer than the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. With the combined use of a Frantz Bypass Oil Filter, scheduled oil analysis program, and Hot Shot’s Secret TBN booster your oil can last up to 100,000 miles. Your oil filter should be changed at the manufacturer’s recommended interval even if your oil is in spec.