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Give your 2017-2019 GM Duramax L5P the most advance monitor and tuning system on the market when you install the Edge Products 22600-3 Pulsar Kit W/ Insight CTS3 (California Edition). This Pulsar Tuner and Insight Kit is one of the most feature laden and innovative combination on available. This combination eliminates the need for ECU swaps, fuel pressure boxes, and other underperforming “tuning” products. With simple installation, huge performance gains, and the crisp Insight display, this tuner and monitor are all you’ll need for the street. 

The Edge Products Pulsar allows you to change power levels on-the-fly power without having to shut off the vehicle. This module delivers up to 90 HP & 156 TQ and features a transmission relearn feature for the increase in power. Along with the relearn feature, this module also has transmission slip backdown that decreases power when clutch slip is detected in the transmission. This power module also allows you to recalibrate the speedometer for wheel, tire & gear changes through the Insight CTS3. 

The Insight CTS3 portion of this combination has a sleek housing with a 5” full-color 720P resolution capacitive touch screen with haptic response. The high-speed ARM9 TI processor offers over a gigabyte of RAM, making gauges boot up in 2 seconds and has Mac OS Updates for Apple users. With the capability to update via wi-fi, this Insight CTS3 is a ground-breaking digital monitoring system available for your truck. The Insight can display power level while monitoring RPM, Boost PSI, MPH, Gear, Engine Coolant Temp (ECT), Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT), and much more. Built in safety features such as EGT backdown, High-idle adjustment, Cold engine protection, Gear change backdown, injector balance rates and much more can be monitored by the Insight. 

  • Wi-Fi Updateable
  • +90 HP & +156 TQ  
  • CARB EO# D-802-9 
  • Built In Turbo Timer 
  • Adjustable High-Idle Setting   
  • 5 On-The-Fly Adjustable Power Levels   
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment 98 - 140 MPH 
  • TPMS Pressure Adjustments From 1 - 100 PSI   
  • Transmission Relearn Feature For Increased Power Levels 
  • Recalibrates Speedometer For Wheel, Tire & Gear Changes   
  • Transmission Slip Backdown - Decreases Power When Detected  
  • Enhanced Throttle Response With Built-In Throttle Sensitivity Control  
  • Updates For Pulsar Are Managed Through The Insight Instead Of Requiring A Computer 
Power Levels:   
Level 0: +0 HP & +0 TQ  
Level 1: +19 HP & +46 TQ  
Level 2: +37 HP & +71 TQ  
Level 3: +52 HP & +105 TQ  
Level 4: +67 HP & +125 TQ  
Level 5: +90 HP & 156 TQ