iDash Stealth Pod Mounts Retains factory grab handle Single Pod FOR FOR 2019-2021 CHEVY/GMC 1500 AND 2020+ 2500/3500



iDash Stealth Pod Mounts

Retains factory grab handle
Single Pod
FOR FOR 2019-2021 CHEVY/GMC 1500 AND 2020+ 2500/3500

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iDash®Stealth Pods are direct-fit gauge mounts that affix to your factory A-pillar grab handle while concealing wires for a factory look. Each pod securely mounts to the body of the truck while being angled to enhance gauge viewing and ergonomics.

Proudly made in the USA from industrial-grade polymer, iDash Stealth Pods can be installed in minutes, and are built to last the life of your truck through hot summer days or cold winter nights. Each Stealth Pod ships in a natural black finish and can be painted by you to color-match your interior.

CARB E.O. Not Required

Fitment Note

Designed specifically for the low depth of the iDash® Gauge.
Not compatible with mechanical or deep-set gauges.

Check A-Pillar Fitment BelowAnimated Graphic For iDash Mount Style


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With a simple clean look, iDash® Stealth Pods are the perfect mount solution for 52mm iDash® gauges and engineered to withstand, heat, cold, and UV exposure for the life of your vehicle.
Press-and-go friction fit requires no screws or tape to mount the iDash®— just slide in your gauge, and twist to clock it level.
Banks Power,Banks Stealth Pod, Handle Mount for Gauge Pod
Single and Duals pods both use unique orientations to improve viewing angle while minimizing eye movement while driving.
View all the information you need at a glance, while simultaneously displaying Derringer, PedalMonster, or SpeedBrake controls.
Banks Power,Banks Stealth Pod, Dual Pod Handle Mount for Gauge Pod


iDash® Stealth Pods securely mount directly to the A-pillar lower bolt for a clean factory appearance.
Banks Single Stealth Pod Installed
This allows the retention of your grab handle, while also moving the gauges closer for improved viewing and ease-of-use.
Banks Dual Stealth Pod Installed
Single and Dual iDash Stealth Pod Comparison
Both single and dual iDash® Stealth Pods use unique designs for optimized viewing and ease of use.
With a sturdy design and mount location, the side of the handle or dashboard acts a rest to steady your hand for easy iDash® adjustments while in motion or off-road.
Upclose installed photo of a single iDash Stealth Pod
Upclose installed photo of a Dual iDash Stealth Pod


All pods come standard with a natural black finish. For those who want paint to color-match with their interior, visit
Link to RustoMotive Paint Options
Before and after paint example
Painted single Stealth Pods
Painted Dual Stealth Pods