Suspension Maxx Steering Stabilizer Kit [Rancho/Bilstein +PISK options]


Bracket Type & Shock Option

Steering Stabilizer bracket for 2016 - 2024+ Chevy/GMC 2500HD & 3500HD trucks.

Scovel Motorsports Note: Cognito PISK is the Cognito Pitman/idler support kit. It's design requires the stabilizer bracket that drops down. If you have a PISK kit or plan to purchase a PISK in future, buy the [PISK] version. There is NO downside [outside cost] to getting a PISK version even if you never purchase a PISK. It just simply drop the stabilizer a small amount to clear the steering components. Simply, If you aren't sure, buy a PISK version on the dropdown. 

  • Eliminates steering wheel feedback felt when hitting bumps or potholes
  • Robust bolt-on design. No drilling required.
  • High strength design uses control arm bolt to locate for solid mounting.
  • Powder Coated for corrosion resistance
  • Made in the USA!
  • Rancho or Bilstein Steering Stabilizer for quality trouble-free operation and complete range of steering.
  • Rancho® RS5000™ Steering Stabilizers are a simple and affordable way to enhance a vehicle’s performance. Rancho Steering Stabilizers are ideal for off-road driving, towing and street applications. The Steering Stabilizers reduce wheel shimmy, bump steer and vibration as the shock series was engineered for vehicles with oversized tires and wheels. Steering Stabilizers can help reduce on or off-road driver fatigue. Rancho Steering Stabilizers are built from the foundation of the RS5000 series shock absorber – the world’s best-selling shock! Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Bilstein B8 5100 (Steering Damper) is designed as an upgrade to factory steering dampers on trucks and SUVs. Utilizing our proven design, these steering dampers are able to dampen minute movements in the steering and reduce steering vibrations that naturally occur, especially in older vehicles. These steering dampers are zinc coated for resistance to harsh elements and match to all B8 5100 series products. B8 5100 (Steering Damper) will offer a significant improvement in steering, handling and comfort.

GM removed the factory welded on steering stabilizer mount for the 2016 model year 2500HD trucks. If you own a 2016-2024+ GM 2500HD or 3500HD and would like to add a steering stabilizer bracket suspensionMAXX has the kit for you! SuspensionMAXX steering stabilizer bracket features an easy bolt on installation with a solid robust design. Adding a steering dampener or steering stabilizer has greatly reduces or eliminates bump steer and jolts felt through the steering wheel. Leveling, lifting or adding larger tires and wheels can increase these conditions. Adding a steering stabilizer to your 2016+ truck has never been easier.

Scovel Motorsports Note: If you want to run a Stabilizer + PISK kit on a 2011-2015, you can cut off the stock steering stabilizer mount and install this kit. We did this on our 2015.5 2500HD, visit our YouTube to see how. Channel: AMERICANDURAMAX

if you are NOT running or plan to run a PISK kit on a 2011-2015, you can just purchase a stabilizer only. no bracket needed for purchase.